Malunggay Oil: What This Oil Can Do for You

Do you suffer from hair loss, skin breakouts, and other immunity problems? Moringa oil has some healthy answers to that.

Moringa, also known as malunggay, is from the moringa tree which is native from countries like Bangladesh, India, and Afghanistan.

Malunggay oil and its benefits  can help you address some of the issues mentioned above. Here are some of those:

For Skin, Hair, and Inflammation

The skin can benefit a lot from malunggay oil. You can apply it on dry skin, as it has moisturizing properties. It also has an antibacterial property that purifies the skin and protects it against allergens and other harmful environmental elements.

Moringa oil is also good for the hair since it acts as an antioxidant and emollient. Its antibacterial properties also help in protecting the scalp, thus eliminating dandruff. It can make the hair shiny and healthy.

It’s also good for inflammation. It can alleviate symptoms of arthritis, sore muscles, joint pain, and chronic fatigue. Likewise, it can vanish tissue swelling and other acute health problems.

Immunity and Other Health Problems

Malunggay oil is good for immunity. Compromised immunity is a cause for other diseases like cough and cold because your body can’t handle natural factors that cause illnesses. Using this oil can help you combat that.

It’s rich in omega-9 fatty acids, vitamin E, and vitamin C that flushes out free radicals. It also helps the organs to avoid inflammation problems and health strain. Vitamins C and E are both good for the immune system.

You can also use this oil for treating ulcer and other stomach pain. It contains active compounds and antioxidants that ease gut inflammation. It promotes healthy digestion and normalizes bacterial levels. With this, acidity and other related conditions are lessened.

One of the most promising benefits of malunggay oil is that it can lower blood pressure. Its omega-9 fatty acid or oleic acid stimulates the blood circulation, which helps reduce the cholesterol levels in the
body. Due to this, heart attacks, atherosclerosis, and strokes are kept at bay.

It’s important to use malunggay oil in moderation, though, because it contains behenic acid which is saturated fat. Too much of it can cause heart problems so use moderately.

Other Things Malunggay Oil Can Do for You

Malunggay oil can help you sleep better. Its behenic acid has soothing properties that help the body to relax. There are also other compounds found in this oil that can soothe the muscles and cause a feeling
of calmness, thus a good sleep.

You can also apply malunggay oil as aromatherapy for the temples or chest because it acts as a sedative.

Lastly, it can slow down the aging process. Its anti-aging properties can lessen wrinkles and the sagging of the face. Its antioxidants also help combat free radicals so that the aging process can slow down. That said, it can minimize skin fatigue and normalize oil secretion. It gives a natural glow due to its purifying effects.

You should use malunggay oil if you have some problems with your hair, skin, and other parts of the body. Using it will help you naturally treat health conditions. This is better than buying prescription medicines, which are not only expensive but also contain a lot of chemicals.

With that, choose only natural products for your overall health.