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3 Tips for Choosing Healthy Fats in Your Diet

healthy oil

For the past few decades, we’ve heard all about the dangers of dietary fat and cholesterol. Even so, the number of overweight and obese people climbs every day.  Researchers have been revisiting the low fat theory.  We know the right fats affect cholesterol in a positive way.  Adding the healthy fats to your diet can… Read More

How to Exercise More If You Really Hate Exercising

enjoy exercise

Do you hate working out? Do you think of “exercise” as a 4 letter word? Perhaps you physically cringe when someone mentions a session of yoga, Pilates, stand up paddle-boarding or bicycling they just enjoyed. Guess what? That is a pretty natural reaction for most people. Human beings are intrinsically lazy. If you are comfortably… Read More

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Heart Health

heart healthy lifestyle

The right lifestyle, the right foods, regular exercise, all of these lower the risk of heart attack and disease.  Here’s 5 ways you can do it. 1. Eat Fish Omega-3 fatty acids have a range of benefits from easing elbow pain to diabetes.  Don’t be put off by the name, fatty acids can help you… Read More

How Thick Should My Pilates Mat Be?

Hi Im Mat How Thick Should My Pilates Mat Be

Pilates involves a LOT of floor time. A 1/2″ to 5/8″ (12.7 to 15.9 mm) mat is the simple answer. (1 mm equals .04 inch or use this converter here.) A thicker mat will be more difficult to roll up and transport. A thinner mat won’t provide needed protection (especially on hardwood floors). Trust me, you’ll… Read More

How Pilates Benefits Overall Health and Wellness

Work It Out courtesy Mateus Lunardi Dutra - Creative Commons

Improve your quality of life today. Everyone can agree that regular exercise is necessary for the overall health and fitness of humans. No matter what type of program or workout is used, the most important part is that you move and move regularly. Featured image:  Work It Out courtesy Mateus Lunardi Dutra – Creative Commons… Read More

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