What is Adrenal Fatigue?

“So the doctor told me nothing was wrong with me,” said Sarah an attractive woman in her 40′s.

“Did they do blood work?”

“Yes, and the test results came back normal.”  You could sense the frustration.  The dark circles under her eyes told you she was exhausted.

“What are your symptoms?”

  • “I’m tired, especially in the morning,
  • lack of motivation and enjoyment in life,
  • my mood is down,
  • I can’t lose weight, in fact
  • I’m getting fatter even though I know I’m eating right,
  • intense cravings, especially for sweets,
  • I’m foggy most of the time,
  • I get sick a lot,
  • my digestion seems to be all over the place,
  • my sex-drive is gone, and
  • I have difficulty staying awake at night.”

“Basically, I’m ok but I feel exhausted.” said Sarah.

“It sounds like you have adrenal fatigue.”

“That’s great!” she said.  Sarah perked up after finally learning what might be wrong with her.  “Wait.  What’s adrenal fatigue?”

“And how do I fix it?”

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Running Girl courtesy aarmono480 - Creative Commons

How Do I Get Rid Of Knots In My Calf?

It started as a tightness in my calf not even a half mile into the run.  I stopped and tried to stretch it out.  It felt a little better.  Kept going.  The tightness came back and now it was increasing.  I stopped and stretched again.  “This is really going to affect my time.”  I got back to running.  The tightness returned.  “OK, stretching isn’t working.  I’m just going to run through it.  It’ll go away after awhile.”  But it didn’t.  It got tighter and tighter.  Until, shortly after mile 4 the pain in my calf muscle erupted into the edge of a dull knife tearing down my leg.  I limped back in pain wondering what I was going to do next.

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