Where Can You Buy the Best Himalayan Salt Lamps for gym in Columbus Ohio?

Himalayan salt lamps are products made from the real Himalayan salt mined from the Khewra Mines in Pakistan. They not only fulfill the purpose of decorative lamps but also help alleviate your stress and tension with their soothing lights.

These salt lamps come with numerous benefits such as purifying the air in your home, boosting your mood and helping you sleep with a clearer mind.

These qualities have made rock salt lamps a permanent fixture in homes and even in therapy centers. 

We are sure this feature is what made you search for the best Himalayan salt lamps in Columbus Ohio. Before we begin recommending the real Himalayan salt lamps from the best shop in Columbus, let’s take a look at what first-time Himalayan salt lamp owners should know.

Usually, Himalayan salt lamps are an easy decorative item to hold on to. However, since the key point is to get a salt lamp made from natural and real salt, you have to make sure that the lamp you are purchasing is actually an original one and not fake.

In the event you are set to purchase one, you should be aware of some of the tricks you can use to know when your salt lamp is acting up.

1. Sweaty Lamp

The contaminants in the air are sucked by Himalayan rock salt lamps, mostly by consuming the water droplets which acts as a carrier of air germs. The crystals eject the water back into the environment while keeping the germs trapped inside the lamp. Referred to as Hygroscopy, Himalayan lamps are prone to sweating due to this process.

If you live in a dry climate area, this sweating is likely to occur rarely, or not at all. Moisture usually gets absorbed back in the air quickly before it can settle on outside of the lamp. The dry climate, in general, has a low percentage of moisture in the air for the lamp to absorb. However, if the weather is humid, or it’s a particularly bad cloudy day, the moisture your lamp absorbs will be greater in volume and your crystal lamps will be bleeding all over.

This wouldn’t be much of a concern if not for the fact your lamp is probably kept on a piece of wooden furniture and such, and you certainly don’t like the idea of it getting wet and damaged. One solution for this is to keep the salt lamp turned on all day long. The lamps barely eat up any amount of energy, so you don’t need to worry about a scary electric bill arriving at your doorstep. 

In case you already have the salt lamp on all day and it is still sweating, the next step would be to find a new possible location for it to reside in. Try to find a location with less humidity in the air in your house. Definitely keep it away from the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. 

You can also opt for a high wattage bulb. The higher the wattage, the more likely it is to generate the heat needed to evaporate the trapped water.

However, try not to exceed the limit set by the manufacturer on the bulb strength. Usually, you will find it spelled out on the package. 

2. No Change in Air 

You have brought the new Himalayan rock salt lamp with the exclusive knowledge that it is going to bring a change in the air in your home. Yet, after you have set it up and turned it on, you have yet to sense a change in the air.

You can tell because your problem with the dusty air that causes you allergy certainly hasn’t alleviated. This could be for a couple of reasons. The allergen in the air could be in the ventilation system. No matter how strong the rock salt lamps are, it’s no match against the dust and allergic particles occupying the main air sources in your home.

In this case, consider investigating and cleaning the air ducts. Another thing could be that the crystal content and the room size ratio doesn’t match. This
ratio indicates how much of the room can be purified in regard to the size of a crystal salt lamp.

Let’s take a look at the general guidelines. 

If your bedroom is average-sized, a 5 to 8 lb lamp should be enough to cover all grounds. For spaces like the living room, with larger items and more air sources, 8 to 11 lb lamps sound best.

If the lamps you are looking for aren’t large enough for the room, you can always buy lots of Himalayan lamps in different sizes and decorative styles. They will make your house look classy and do the job of excellent purifiers.

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A Little Maintenance Tip for Your Salt Lamp

If you’re starting to see the dust settle on the Himalayan rock salt lamps, it might be the time to give it a little cleanup. You just have to be careful to do it without damaging the salt.

Turn off the lamp, and keep it unplugged. Let the salt cool down until it is at room temperature. Grab a cloth or sponge and dampen it, but don’t let it soak in the water.

Wipe away the debris forming on the surface and pat it dry with another, completely dry cloth. Then plug the lamp back on and turn it on. Once it has warmed up, any water left on the lamp from its cleanup will be evaporated by the now fresh crystal salt. 

The Perfect Place That I Recommend to Get Your Himalayan Salt Lamps from: 

You deserve to get the best Himalayan salt lamps in all of Columbus Ohio and for that, we proudly recommend Fab Glass and Mirror. This is a glass manufacturing company operating in a wide range of categories like tabletops, mirrors, shower doors, cabinets and so on.

Out of these, the Himalayan Salt Crystal lamps are one of the most popular products on their site. It’s hard to find a customer that hasn’t given them five stars for the exceptional quality of the lamps. 

Wide Range of Varieties 
The decorative lights come in wide ranges, starting from USB salt lamps to salt candle holders. Other lamps include natural salt lamps, decorative salt lamps, salt metal baskets, and salt lamp night light. You can find the natural unmatched orange-pink glow emitting from all of them.

If you are trying to create a serene ambiance for your bedroom and living room, it can’t get better than this. You will even notice a change in demeanor from any guest who comes for a visit. If you are feeling particularly agitated that day, Fab Glass and Mirror’s night lamps will
boost your low-spirited mood. 

If you are still feeling iffy about ordering, you can have a quick chat with the online assistant on the site. The USB salt lamp has to be connected to a USB cord and charged for it to operate, while natural salt lamps, decorative salt lamps, salt metal baskets, and salt lamps all operate on wire and bulb.

As for the salt candle holder, it’s a hundred percent natural candle burning the pink salt to make your room look lively.

Bottom Line: 

If this is your first time buying Himalayan Salt lamp, we recommend Fab Glass and Mirror ordering one from the shop first, and seeing the clear change in the air and in your daily gym life.

After that, you will naturally come back for more.