REVIEW: Emerge Fitness Gymnastic Rings

Recently I was approached to test out and try a new set of gymnastic rings created by Emerge Fitness.

Emerge Fitness is a new fitness brand that creates premium-grade US-designed fitness products.

I was stoked to try out this set of gymnastic rings – I’m a big fan of doing gymnastic ring work (you should be too!).

In the past, the only rings I’ve tried have been Rogue Fitness’ wooden rings, so I was happy to try a new product and get a feel for it.

Initial Impression:

I waited a few days for the package to get to my house, when it got to the house I was stoked to open it up and check out the rings.

Before ripping apart the packaging, I took a look at how the product was shipped. The packaging materials that they included with the rings are top notch.

I was impressed.

You can see an image of the packaging below.

The rings are beautifully crafted with a light colored wood. They were sanded down to perfection (see below).

I picked up the rings in my mailbox at night, just before my normal workout time. So, basically, it was perfect timing to try them out.

I took them with me to my home gym, below are my thoughts on using the rings.


First off, the straps are VERY easy to setup and use.

This make setup a breeze.

In the past, I’ve had a hard time setting up the dang straps. These ones are very simple to setup. Simply slide the webbing through the buckle and you’re good to go!

To test out the rings, I did pullups, dips, and muscle-ups on them. The rings felt solid in my hands and are easy to utilize.

They work perfectly, and are easy to move around.

The rings are much thinner than other rings I have used in the past. This is perfect because it makes it easier for my wife and I to share the rings.

Larger rings can be tough on her grip.


I have one con that I can find with these rings.

The rings are very smooth when they come from the factory, which makes them difficult to grip. I needed to chalk them up to get a better hold on them.

I may take some sandpaper to the rings to “rough” them up a bit, this will give a bit better bite to the grip.

This is very fixable, and it probably more of a personal preference of mine than anything.

Final Thoughts:

Emerge has put together a fantastic product. With fast shipping and a great price, these rings are tough to beat!

If you are in the market for a sturdy set of gymnastic rings, check these rings out!