Strengthen Your Grip with the Help of these 7 Exercises

The terms ‘grip’ and ‘grip strength’ are often misunderstood. They are not just confined to the
strength of the hands. These are terms with a much wider scope including the power of the
elbows and the entire musculature between the elbow and the wrist. Hence, strengthening
the grip doesn’t just involve being able to hold and carry heavy stuff but also paying attention
to the lower arm musculature between the elbow and the wrist.

Here we bring you top 7 exercises that can help you strengthen your grip. Incorporating these
in your daily life can work wonders not only for your muscular strength but also for your
general health and well-being.

1. Hand Grippers

Using hand or torsion grippers is one of the most popular exercises that will strengthen your
grip. It is highly recommended for beginners. Popularly known as crushing grip, this is one of
the exercises which do not require any special environment.Whether you are at home or waiting for the signal to turn green, you can keep squeezing a
hand gripper. And not just a hand gripper, squeezing a rubber ball, twisting and tearing a
newspaper, turning the tops of containers or even breaking matchsticks with fingers can be of
great help!

2. Barbell Holds

Barbell exercises are fun and challenging. Generally suggested to be done before dumbbell
moves, these are another popular way to strengthen your grip.

While squats and deadlifts can be done easily with dumbbells, barbells are absolutely
necessary for explosive exercises like power cleans or snatches and if you are strength
training, then barbell exercises are a must! Moreover, a person doing barbell exercises is said
to have an increased heart rate due to the pumping of blood from one area of the body to

Not only does it strengthen the grip, but people who undergo barbell training are reported to
have a higher level of confidence, a positive mood and display a strong attitude towards life
in general.

3. Rope Pull Ups

Rope climbing is an excellent and convenient way to build your grip strength. In addition to
strengthening the grip, it also increases your arm and back strength.

Pull up exercises can be challenging and fun too! It is a fundamental compound upper-body
exercise which targets multiple muscle groups. It will build your upper body. It also develops
strength as well as endurance.

4. Farmer’s Carriers

Farmer’s carries are yet another popular way of improving your strength. Easy to do, it is
quite popular among beginners. You just have to pick two weights up in your hands and walk
a certain distance.

Gradually, you can increase the weight and distances. This exercise not only challenges your
forearms but also your core muscles, hips, and shoulders. It is a multi-benefit job. It keeps the
shoulders and chest from sagging. Moreover, it engages the entire cardiovascular system
hence greatly benefiting the body.

But for beginners, two to three sets per session are more than enough as doing more than
that can have some negative effects too!

5. Plate Pinching

Setting up two or more plates side by side and then lifting them up together off the floor,
popularly known as plate pinching, is a well-known technique for strengthening your grip. It
not only improves muscle strength and power but also increases flexibility and range of
motion. It specifically targets the pectoral muscles. Moreover, the equipment required is

So, if you are looking forward to a convenient way of improving your grip strength then plate
pinching can come to your rescue anytime!

6. Heavy Deadlifts

Next on the list is lifting heavy deadlifts. If you are not already doing them, NOW is the time to
begin! Including heavy deadlifts in your workout regime will be a fantastic idea.

As you start lifting heavy, it may seem like the bar is rolling out of your hands and you need to
apply greater force to stop it or keep a hold of it. Moreover, it works more muscles out than
any other exercise including the squats, as the lift engages all of them together.

Also, other exercises may require fancy equipment like sports shoes or safety equipment, but
lifting heavy just requires the weight. It is safe and increases your cardiovascular activity too.

7. Wrist Exercises

It is a weight training exercise to develop your flexor muscles. You have the option to perform
it either with a dumbbell or barbell, doesn’t really matter. Both are equally beneficial.
The truth is that the strength of your grip doesn’t really depend on how strong your hands

The muscles between the elbow and the wrist form the lower arm musculature are
equally responsible. Wrist curls and reverse wrist curls are two good examples of exercises
that can help you improve your lower arm musculature, which in turn, increases your grip
strength. You can also practice few exercises to find relief from pain after regular

These were the top seven exercises to improve your grip strength. However, none of these
can help you overnight! Regular practice and dedication towards the act are absolute


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