How To Get Motivated For Your Workout

We’ve all been there.

Getting motivated to go to the gym after a hard day of work is difficult.

While checking out motivational quotes and watching training montage videos can help, I prefer to get my motivation through 3 scientifically proven workout tips.

I’ll detail them below.

1. Create A Habit of Exercise (and never rely on motivation again)

With people that are inconistent with hitting the gym, I find that that they have one thing in common.

They rely on motivation for workouts.

“Motibvatino” is a terrible leg to lean on. It comes and goes. One day it’ll be high! Other days it will be utterly low.

You can’t rely on motivation. You have to rely on habit.

Better than energy drinks, pre-workouts mixes, and loud music; your best bet is to create a habit of exercise.

Now you may be thinking, “how can I get motivated to create the habit of exercise when I’m jsut starting out?”.

This is a fair question, the answer is this:

Set a weekly exercise goal.

Start small.

Accomplish it every week.

Grow and change from there.

So, for instance, your goal may be to do 3 workouts every week. That’s perfect!

Now what days are your workouts going to be on? Mon/Wed/Fri? Excellent!

Now what will your workouts consist of? Legs/Cardio/Upper, awesome!

Now go out and do it. Be consistent.

This is how you build the habit of exercise.

Now, when you on those low motivation days, instead of skipping the gym, you go because it’s your regular habit (just like drinking coffee).

Rely on habits, not motivation.

2. Workout With Others

Alongside point #1, try and workout with other people. Find a gym partner, or go to a group class (like Crossfit).

Exercising with other people brings a social aspect to training. It makes training fun.

For those of you that are competitive (like myself), workout out with other people will also help you to get in better shape, faster. Having a training partner will help you to do one more rep, add 5 more pounds to your life, run a little faster.

Find some friends and train with them. They will also help to keep you accountable (and vice versa).

3. Make A Fitness Commitment

My final tip is to create a “fitness commitment”. What I mean by this is to sign up for some kind of race, competition, event that forces you to use your fitness.

If you know that you have a 5K in 2 months, you are going to train your butt off so that you don’t look foolish.

So put your money where your mouth this. Sign up for a competition. It will take your training to the next level.

And when it comes to competition, remember the spartan quote “bleed in training or you will bleed in battle”.

-Coach B