11 best Effective tips of Home Remedies For Hangnails

HANGNAIL!!! What is that??? :

Feeling pain when you brushing your hair with fingers? A small peach of skin which is a little bit torn near the nails and annoying pain feels when it touches any cloths and torn more. Most of the people whose have dry skin, have experienced these horrible and painful experiences and the reason of these is hangnail.

When the skin near of one’s nail or root of nails is found torn or jagged, it is called hangnail. It only happens near the nail not in the nail.

It is very common in people whose are living in winter place or having dry skin. So it not needs to worry for hangnails but it can be infected by bacteria or fungus and that will be harmful for hand.


People usually have hangnails but sometimes hangnails can be infected by bacteria or fungus because of dirt or polluted environment. Some conditions can ensure you of having hangnails which is infected. Those symptoms are given below.

    • PAIN


Sometimes people wonder after finding hangnails in their fingers because they can not find any specific reasons of hangnails. If they notice their works, they can find their faults which are the reasons of hangnails.

  • For not taking care of fingers
  • For not softening cuticles in finger around nails.
  • For not keeping nails and fingers moisturized.
  • For not using gloves for hand protection from detergent during dish washing or cleaning chores.  
  • For not using moisturizing soap.
  • For not being concerned about dryness during cold season.
  • For not going to professional manicurist.
  • For cutting cuticles near the nails.
  • For biting cuticles near the nails.
  • For biting nails because during biting nails bacteria transfer to nails and sides of nails which is not healthy for the nails and skin.



If people don’t become conscious about hangnails, it can be a serious problem later. Usually people don’t need to go to doctor or not have to take medicine for simple hangnails. They can easily treat hangnails at home and for that there is no need any costly things. But they have to be conscious about the development of hangnails. Some home remedies for hangnails are given below.

      • PETROLEUM JELLY: Petroleum jelly or lip balm is quit famous for the treatment of hangnails. People usually use them before go to bed on affected area and leave them for night. As a result they can be moisturized for whole night.  
      • USE OATMEAL AS SCURB: As oatmeal is not only an effective and very gentle exfoliator, it helps to soften dry skin. After mixing oatmeal powder and warm water, you can apply on hand which will make skin very soft and moisturized.  
      • YOGURT HAND PACK: Yogurt has probiotics anti-inflammatory properties as a result it is used to cure hangnails. It is also a good moisturizer. So yogurt hand pack is beneficial to hangnails.   
      • HONEY: honey is a great agent for moisturizing. So it works very well for hangnails as hangnails are the results of dry skin. On the other side, honey has antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory elements which is very much useful to prevent hangnails.  Dab raw or manuka honey can be used in the affected area for several times in a day. It helps to soften skin.
      • VITAMIN E OIL: Vitamin E oil is quite available in everyone’s house. It is usually used for hair treatment or facial treatment. But it also can be use for hangnails. Like,
  • People can use the vitamin E on the affected area for few times in a day. But one thing has to be remembered that vitamin has to be absorbed fully in the affected area.
  • Vitamin E can be used with olive oil or castor oil or jojoba oil on the affected area for few times in a day.
  • EPSOM SALT: People usually use Epsom salt to remove toxin. As it contains magnesium so it helps to reduce inflammation and swelling as well as pain.
      • AVOCADO: Avocado is a great source of vitamin E which is so useful to prevent hangnails. It also contains healthy fat and other elements which are so helpful to prevent hangnails. One can use avocado after mashing and mixing with coconut oil on affected area at night and leave it for whole night. It can be used few times in a week.
      • ALMONDS:  Almond is rich with vitamin E and so it can be used to prevent hangnails. It has also fatty acid which prevents swelling as well as inflammation. One can apply grind almonds with egg yolk and a little honey before going to bed.
      • BEESWAX BALM: Beeswax balm is so useful to soften skin as well as moisturized.  It also increases strength of nails. Beeswax can be used with various types of oils like almond oil, olive oil, honey.
      • ALOE VERA: aloe vera has some properties which help to moisturize and heal skin problems like hangnails. People can use aloe vera jell with turmeric powder on affected area for 30 minute.
      • WHITE CLAY: White clay contains various minerals which is beneficial to dry skin. So white clay can be used to prevent hangnails as it occurs due to dry skin. People can use mixing white clay with olive oil or almond oil on hand which prevents hangnails as well as good for hand skin.

Conclusion: So anyone can easily get rid from the nightmare of hangnails just using some kitchen stuff which are very common in everyone’s kitchen. But if the problem is quite serious then I will recommend you to visit the nearest good skin specialist. From this situation some critical infection and other problems can easily appear. So don’t take the risk in serious cases.