Can Massage Help Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is a condition which causes your shoulder joint to be stiff and develop a lot of pain. This situation develops very gradually and if you ignore it, it may develop into a bigger problem.

This is very painful and it can be quite difficult to deal with it unless you find a qualified and licensed therapist who is much familiar with the situation because a therapist who has not taken a whole course might just make the situation worse. When you are experiencing a frozen shoulder, your shoulder is restricted in movement due to the pain.

If you get this effect the best treatment you can ever get is massage treatment because all other methods even including injections will eventually lead to massage.

So yes massage is the best treatment method to take care of frozen shoulder.

Here are the types of massage that can be used to treat frozen shoulder;

1. Swedish massage.

This is the kind of massage that mostly explores the use of kneading of the muscles and use of swiping strokes on the affected area. These are very important techniques that can be used in massage of the frozen shoulder.

The swiping and kneading help to relax the muscles and remove the tension on the surface of the muscle tissues.

This process helps to deal with the stiffness of the muscles, kneading helps in softening the shoulder muscles. This therapy for sure can help in the healing of frozen shoulder. This type of massage involves several other techniques that make it quite effective.

There is the petrissage which involves kneading of muscles, this is important in relieving the pain, the second one is; tapotement, this technique involves rhythmic tapings of the affected area, this helps to soften the stiffened shoulder muscles, another one is called; effleurage, this involves making strokes along  the muscles which are affected, and lastly there is friction, this is a technique that involves exerting pressure at the point which is affected so that you can make it more tender.

2. Deep tissue massage.

This is also a very reliable technique to heal a frozen shoulder because of its deep pressure application. The pressure is very important in alleviating pain in the shoulder by releasing the tissues in the shoulder muscles that are causing pain.

The pressure also can play a very big role in softening the stiffened muscles of the shoulder. However, if the frozen shoulder condition has escalated and there is more pain, it is advisable not to use this method because it is very vigorous and this can cause more pain instead of reducing the pain.

This is because of there is involvement of deep pressure that is applied deep to the muscle tissues.

3. Heat therapy.

Heat can be very sensitive when dealing with this problem because it has a way of relieving pain. This is normally done after the massage technique or just before doing a massage on the affected area, this helps to soften the stiffness of the muscles of the shoulder.  

Also heat is responsible for dealing with the tension of the muscles to give it relieve. This can be better if it is done before a massage than after a massage because the muscle will be softer to allow some vigorous massage techniques like deep tissue massage.

4. Trigger point therapy.

This kind of massage therapy involves dealing with the trigger points, triggered points are other points on the body which might not be affected but they are the source of the pain on the affected points. When these points are treated the pain will go away.

This is the most effective method when the frozen shoulder situation has escalated, because in this situation there can be a lot of pain that cannot allow massage to be done at the exact point hence a therapist finds a trigger point to relieve the pain first before dealing with the stiff muscles.

This then becomes a very effective method when it comes to treatment of frozen shoulder.

5. Chair massage

This is the type of massage is the kind where a client sits and faces the chair, this is why it is called the chair massage.

This massage is very important for frozen shoulder condition because this is the area that this massage is specialized into. It involves various techniques of massage used all together; hence it becomes very easy to deal with the situation.

Having these many techniques in one is very important because a variety of suitable ones can be used to achieve better results.

6. Hot stone therapy

Just like the name suggests, this is a method that uses smooth hot stone to bring relieve to affected area. For this case the hot stones are placed on the shoulders, this will have a very big impact on the stiff muscles.

The heat from the stones is used to soften the stiff muscles and also relieve the pain that is in the frozen shoulder.  The heat is very important too when it comes to dealing with the tension that is on the surface of the muscle hence a very suitable method when it comes to treatment of the frozen shoulder.

To sum up this, we have seen that massage turns out to be the very effective method to choose when you want to treat frozen shoulder, this is because of the various techniques that are involved, a therapist can choose a technique that is suitable according to the seriousness and the amount of pain that is being felt by the client.

If you want to have a home service massage, check out My Home Therapy This is a very delicate situation and so if you have to see a therapist then you will need someone who is qualified to deal with it, a beginner will obviously not know how to handle it, it may turn out to be more painful than relieving the pain.