Best Rowing Programs for Crossfitters

Whether your a weekend warrior simply looking to lower your Fran time, or you’re an elite competitor, building an engine is crucial for success in Crossfit.

When it comes to building an engine, rowing is one of the best ways to increase your cardio output.

Rowing has many benefits, including the fact that it’s low impact.

Below are the best rowing programs for Crossfitters. Each has its strengths and weaknesses.

Dark Horse Rowing

Dark Horse Rowing is one of the main names in the Crossfit/rowing world. They have a variety of rowing programs available, for rowers of all experience levels (from beginner to elite).

One major benefit of Dark Horse Rowing is that they have an online rowing academy. The academy includes video guides from top rowing coaches, rowing programs, and as well as rowing guides.

This is a major value, especially if you are wanting to dig deep into the rowing community.

I should mention that Dark Horse has a “Pro” version of their online rowing academy, buying this upgrade will give you access to their world class coaches for questions (technique, pacing, etc…).

I’d recommend Dark Horse Rowing for someone that really wants to dial in rowing technique, as well as get deeper into the rowing community (both online and in-person). Dark Horse does have add-on programs that you can add to your Crossfit/weightlifting programming, but it’s not my pick as an “add on program” (see below….).

The Pete Plan

The Pete Plan is my go-to pick for the individual that’s looking to add on extra rowing to their already full Crossfit programming slate.

If you’re looking to tack an engine on to your regular program of lifting heavy weight, or simply looking to get better at wods (without getting beat up doing wods all of the time), the Pete Plan is my #1 recommendation.

It’s free. It’s simple. And it only requires hard work to get results.

Check out The Pete Plan here and consider adding it to your programming. It may be simplistic, but the results you can get are impressive.

The Gains Lab

The Gains Lab is the place I recommend for competitive Crossfit athletes to go that are looking for build a monster engine.

The man behind the Gains Lab is Matthew Wiebke, a former Crossfit Games athlete. His speciality is creating cardio monsters.

If you’re a strong athlete, but need to improve your conditioning, I’d recommend the Gains Lab. He has programs for purchase, as well as individual coaching available.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best rowing program for Crossfit can be tricky. As long as you know what you’re looking to improve (endurance, sprints, etc..), there are indoor rowing programs out there that can help you.

Check out the ones above and start building that engine!