The Best Concept 2 Rowing Machine Upgrades & Accessories

Looking for the best Concept 2 rower upgrades and accessories?

Look no further.

Below is my complete list of the best Concept 2 rowing machine accessories. These upgrades are crucial if spend any amount of time on a rower.

These Concept 2 accessories will help to increase your comfort while you row and make your workouts more enjoyable!

Best Concept 2 Upgrades & Accessories:

1. Rowing Machine Seat Pad

best concept 2 rower seat cover

The worst thing about sitting on a rower for a long period of time is the hard plastic seat.

They’re pretty rough.

I’ve had my glutes legitimately cramp on me while doing a 10K row before.

Not fun.

Getting a seat cover is a great way to add some comfort, especially during long rowing sessions.

I recommend this seat cover by 2K Fit. It’s a great seat cover. It easily slides over the seat, it provides just the right amount of padding, and is made of durable materials.

This is the #1 rowing machine accessory I recommend – so check them out!

2. Rowing Machine Gloves

best gloves for indoor rower

Rowing is notoriously difficult on your hands (just google “rowing crew hands”… ok, maybe don’t do that)

If you haven’t experience blisters due to rowing, you’re either not rowing hard/long enough… or simply give it time.

A high quality pair of rowing gloves can help to reduce the beating that your hands will take (yes, even on an indoor rowing machine).

I recommend this pair of gloves by Sculling Gear, a company that knows how to make gear. Sculling Gear was founded by fellow rowers, so they put a ton of thought into the design, which shines through when you put these gloves on.

Oh, and they fit like a glove (….haha).

3. Concept 2 Smartphone Holder

best concept 2 rower iphone holder

Adding a smartphone holder to your concept 2 rowing machine makes life so much easier.

Nothing is better than catching up on your shows while getting your workout in.

I highly recommend getting this smarphone holder by LiveRowing. It fits most iPhones and Android phones.

If you spend a good amount of time on a rower, you’re going to want one of these attachments.

4. Concept 2 Heart Rate Monitor

best heart rate monitor for concept 2 rowing machine

If you’re serious about your fitness AND love to nerd out over data, getting a heart rate monitor is a must!

The H7 Bluetooth Monitor by Polar easily integrates with the Concept 2 computer. It spits out all of the data you need.

This is a great tool to have, especially if you’re training to do heart rate specific training, which I recommend.

5. Floor Mat/Sweat Guard

best floor mat for concept 2 rower

If you row indoors, or in a place that you care about, I highly recommend getting a floor mat/sweat guard for underneath your rower.

You sweat a LOT when you row.

Grab one of these floor mats by Super Mats and protect your floor.

High quality materials, long lasting, and easy to clean. Definitely get one of these.

6. iPhone Data Connector

This ties in similar with the heart rate monitor, if you’re a quantified self/data nerd, you need this piece of connector hardware.

This iPhone data connector by Live Rowing pulls the info from your Concept 2 logbook and connects it’s iPhone application.

On the app, it’ll give you a nice presentation of your workout data + worldwide leaderboards.

Rowing tends to be a lonely, painful sport (or exercise experience). Liven it up by tapping into the online community that Live Rowing has built.

7. Concept 2 Rowing Machine Cover/Dust Guard

cover for concept 2 rowing machine

If you’re hoemgym is in your garage, or outside, I recommend getting a dust guard.

This will protect your valuable piece of machinery from dust and moisture buildup.

I recommend this rower cover by CoxnCrew. It’s designed to fit the Concept 2 rower (both models C and D)

It easily fits over the rower and keeps the fan/computer protected.

Highly recommend.

8. Concept 2 Rowing Machine Air Diverter

concept 2 rowing machine air diverter

This might seem a little strange, but this air diverter can be a lifesaver during the hot summer months!

Designed by C-Breeze, this device diverts air from the fan right back at you, giving you a nice cool breeze while you workout.


If you row outside, or during the summer, I recommend that you check out this brilliant product.

9. Positional Cue Poster

Whether you’re new to rowing, or you’ve been knocking out 20K’s since you’re a kid, a positional cue chart is a great asset to keep in sight of your rower in your gym.

This informational chart has info on proper positioning and training techniques.

10. Rowing Machine Hat

If you know, you know.

This is the perfect gift for yourself (or that friend who’s a rowing diehard).

Show off your “love” for your rower with this rowing machine hat.

This may or may not increase your aerobic capacity by 10%….

BONUS: Concept 2 Replacement Parts

11. Concept 2 Chain Oil/Lubricant

Keep your rower pulling smoothly by keeping it properly oil.

I recommend getting this chain oil for your rower.

Keeping your machine oiled will help to reduce wear and tear, as well as noise.

12. Replacement Foot Strap

Easily replace your worn down foot-straps with these Concept 2 foot straps. Nothing

13. Chain

If your machine has a faulty chain, or you’re starting to notice and un-even stroke, I recommend checking into getting a new chain.

This is the best chain as it is made by Concept 2 (i.e. it’s OEM).

You’ll want to check out this helpful document that Concept 2 has on their website on how to replace a rowing machine chain.

In Closing:

Thanks for checking out my article on the best Concept 2 rower upgrades. I’m happy to share my findings with you all.

If you have any accessories that you think should be added to the list, shoot me a message and I’ll add it!

Train hard!

-Coach Brett