The Best Schwinn Airdyne Bike Accessories & Upgrades

Looking for a new upgrade or accessories for your Schwinn Airdyne?

Look no further.

Below is my complete list of the best Airdyne accessories. These upgrades are gamechangers if you are a spend any amount of time on an airbike.

Best Airdyne Upgrades & Accessories:

We’ll start with the most important attachments (i.e. seat pad) and work down the list.

1. Seat Pads

The #1 change Airdyne upgrade is to add a comfortable seat pad. Getting a soft, oversized seat cover will make all the difference in the world when you’re on your bike.

Our top recommendation is the Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Fit Bike Seat Pad. With almost 800 4.5+ star reviews, this is THE bike seat to rule them all.

This seat cover easily slips over your existing seat to provide for smoother riding. If you struggle with being saddle sore, this will be a major upgrade for you.

2. Air Diverter

Another must-have airdyne upgrade is an air diverter.

This handy add-on will deflect the air that your bike creates to the side, this is especially handy if you like to read while you spin.

Get an air diverter for your airbike. This Airdyne upgrade will help enjoy an annoyance-free reading session during your next workout.

I recommend this Air Diverter made by Schwinn (this is for an AD7). It’s factory made and snaps right into place on your airbike.

If you have a Schwinn Ad6, check out this factory made air diverter.

3. Reading Rack

Going hand-in-hand with the previous upgrade, adding a reading rack to your Airdyne is a great way to multi-task while you exercise.

It’s hard to exercise while you watch the calories and miles SLOWLY tick up.

It’s MUCH better to be distracted while you get your fitness in. Adding this reading rack make it’s easy to read a book, or prop up and iPad and watch a movie, while you workout.

I highly recommend the Schwinn OEM Reading Rack – especially if you like to do LISS cardio (low intensity steady state).

What can be better than catching up on your TV shows WHILE being productive and getting your workout in?

4. Heart Rate Monitor

Adding a heart rate monitor to your workouts is a great way to get extra data on your workout.

This is ESPECIALLY crucial if you are trying to do zone heartrate training.

I recommend the Polar T31 Heartrate Monitor.

It’s easy to use, durable, and it’s inexpensive. If you’re a regular airbike user, you need to be keeping track of your heartrate so you can optimize your workouts.

5. Rubber Floor Mat

This is an item that most people forget about, but it’s huge, especially if you workout in your house.

Make sure to place a floor mat under your bike.

When you exercise, especially on a brutal machine like an Airdyne, you sweat.

Like a lot.

So you’ll need to make sure that you have a nice, high quality mat to catch & absorb all of that nastiness.

I recommend this Amazon Basics High Density Exercise Mat.

It’s easily washable and does a great job of absorbing all fo your workout sweat. It’s also very cheap. There’s no reason why your bike shouldn’t be sitting on one of these mats

As a plus, it’ll also fit a Concept 2 Rowing Machine (which I also recommend) as well.

A win-win.

At the very least, get one of these for your carpet’s sake…

6. Replacement Handle Grips

One of the first things to wear out on an Airdyne is often the hand grips. This looks ugly, and makes it uncomfortable to use the bike.

Fun Fact:

You’re going to use your airbike MORE if it’s more comfortable.

Grabbing onto a bare metal tube while your workout isn’t exactly comfortable.

So go ahead and get some new grips.

I recommend Treadlife Replacement Grips.

Solid. Sturdy. Easy.

7. Repair Kit + Replacement Parts

As a bonus tip, one last thing you should keep on hand for your exercise bike is a repair kit and/or replacement parts.

Here’s a link to general Airdyne replacement parts that you may need.

Wrapping Up

I hope this article on exercise bike upgrades and accessories has been helpful. Adding these to your bike can make your exercise routine that much less terrible.

If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll try and help.

Keep working!

-Coach D