6 Breakfast Tips To Kick- Start Your Weight Loss

Morning routines are hectic! From getting off the bed to preparing yourselves to kick-
start for the day-long activities can often be stressful, right?

And amidst all the morning hustle and bustle, one generally forgets is to have the first meal of the day.

A lot of people don’t prioritize breakfast as their important meal but what we need
you to understand is that just like a car needs petrol or diesel for running, our body
too requires some fuel for working the entire day. Remember eating any kind of
breakfast will be better than not having the first meal of the day at all!

Furthermore, if you have been struggling with the common unsolvable weight issues,
then you’ll be glad to know that a healthy breakfast is a good solution to help you
cope with your weight problems!

According to a wise old saying, ‘All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast’. So,
without any further delay, let’s quickly get started with 6 breakfast tips to kick-start
your weight loss:

1. Consume High Fiber Content:

Fiber, especially which is soluble, helps in stabilizing blood sugar and lower
cholesterol levels. You can opt for oats or oat bran in this case. It will help you keep
feeling full. Oat bran flakes cereal with a glass of milk, apple pie oatmeal, quinoa,

berry smoothie bowl with toasted coconut, raspberries can be some other sumptuous
options to fill your stomach with the right nutrients.
You can also top these healthy choices up with a mere tablespoon of flax seeds to add
that crunch in your dishes. (P.S: Just for your convenience, we have provided you
with the list of fiber-rich food and their carbs and fiber quantities).

2. Go with not just the right but smart choice:

We are talking about eggs! If you too are a big fan of eggs, then we assure you that
your body is not going short of proteins and amino acids EVER! The best part is that,
eggs can be transformed into a complete dish without a headache- boiled eggs,
scrambled eggs with avocado, omelet, poached egg, sunny side up.
They not only assist weight loss but will also keep you feeling full much longer than
any cereal or toast. Moreover, eggs help with brain development, memory and
protect your eyesight. So with these many advantages, you are bound to fall in love
with eggs all over again!

3. Half plus half makes one:

How about pairing fruits and vegetables? A deadly combination, don’t you think?
There is still scope to improve a bowl of cereal in terms of nutrition. Go for half plate
fruits and half plate vegetables. On one hand, where fruits are a great source of
vitamins and minerals, veggies will add bulks to your hunger without adding calories
to your body.

Including both in your breakfast will make you feel healthier and more active than
you were before. The top fruits that you must include in your meal are avocados,
apples, bananas, berries, watermelon, and grapefruit. Highly nutritious veggies are
spinach, broccoli, sprouts and asparagus. You can try recipes like spring vegetable tagliatelle to enhance the experience, as it is easy to prepare.

4. Detox Smoothies:

Who doesn’t love smoothies? We all do, right? Do you know smoothies if made
correctly can be a powerhouse of nutrients?

From improving energy levels to getting rid of toxins to reducing weight loss,
smoothies should be the mandatory meal in breakfast. Go try out some spinach
cucumber cooling detox smoothie or tangy belly fat burner. These smoothies will
shed off those extra pounds easily. Some other detox smoothies are pomegranate and
guava, cucumber and orange, coconut water and berries detox smoothie.

5. A strict no to any kind of processed food:

We believe the major contributor to obesity today is the consumption of processed
food. Pizzas, burgers, fries, soft drinks, hotdogs are all highly loaded with sugar and
can have adverse effects on the metabolism.

So the bottom line is that processed food contains artificial ingredients which are high
in refined carbohydrates, low in nutrients, low in fiber and high in trans-fat and
processed vegetable oils.

6. Know the balance:

What makes a meal balanced? The right amount of nutrients. Neither too much nor
too less. Vitamins, protein, omega 3, fiber, healthy fats, and clean carbs are what a
balanced breakfast should comprise of.

Where proteins and carbs will give your energy, vitamins and fiber will please your
digestive system. So make sure you’re having a proper and balanced breakfast.

Ideally talking, one should have breakfast within 30 to 60 minutes of waking up. And
remember if you skip breakfast your body operates at a slower pace than usual.
Therefore, if you start your first meal smartly then you’re less likely to overeat the
other meals.

Time to get fit folks!


Sara O Brown is a working mom, lives with her dentist husband and her adorable dog, Casper.
She is passionate about traveling and cooking. She has been a regular contributor for-