How to Stay Motivated to Workout?

Getting motivated to go to the gym and train might seem hard. However, a lot harder is to actually stay motivated and persistent with your training.

This is a thing that a lot of us are struggling with and it is also one of the most important things if we want to achieve some level of success in the gym.

Today, we are going to talk about how to stay motivated and disciplined.

1. Set Up a Schedule

The thing with going to the gym is that you can go any time you want. While this might be a blessing it can be a curse in disguise as well.

Without a proper schedule you might start thinking “okay, I’ll do it a little bit later”.

One day you are doing in later, one day you are skipping and after two weeks you realize that in the past week you didn’t go to the gym at all.

We get it. You might have had a hard day at work, you could be tired or stressed. But just simply going to the gym will make you feel a little bit energized and after all, a little bit of exercise is better than no exercise.

So set up a schedule, get your workout clothes in the bag – t-shirt/tank top, shorts or whatever and just go.

Try to stick to the schedule you set up and you will see it will become easier with time.

2. Stop With the Excuses

That’s pretty self-explanatory. Just stop.

Excuses will hurt your discipline more than anything. If you are going to skip today’s workout then make sure it is because of a valid reason.

Excuses will not bring you anywhere. Action will.

You can absolutely devote 1 hour of your time a day to work out. So do it.

If you need a little extra “boost”, then using a pre-workout supplement can be great option. These types of supplements not only increase your energy and focus, but can help you get a great pump.

Check out this article to see which pre-workout for pumps is best.

3. Make Yourself Accountable

Start a journal or start going to the gym with some friends. This will help you to be accountable for the action you are doing.

That way you will have to tell someone why didn’t you go to the gym today. And you won’t feel good if you said “I was just being lazy”, right?

However, making yourself accountable will only work if you already stopped making up excuses. If not, you will end up saying things like “I didn’t feel good today”. Sure, you didn’t but that is not a reason to skip.

4. Start Now

If you lack motivation then the best solution is to just start doing it now. If you don’t want to go to the gym – just go now. You will feel much better after your workout and you will be a lot more motivated for the next one.

That is a fact. Did you ever regret going to the gym? No, of course.

It’s just hard to go. So just do it like you are jumping in cold water. It will be better after it is done.


These are our tips to stay motivated. Stop the excuses, start now and be accountable to yourself more than to anybody else.

After all, we are training just for ourselves.